Getting A Breeders Prefix

Deciding to become a Bullmastiff dog breeder has brought with it many reward’s and a few challenges.

My best friends have been breeding dogs for what appears to be forever and as long as I’ve known them which is as least 30 years. They work hard, attend many, many shows and make it look so easy. So, two years ago when I first told them that I wanted to breed my beautiful Bullmastiff’s they were so supportive and encouraged me to ensure I get dogs that closely resembles the breed standard.

After some studying of the breed standards and research I purchased Locki from a Victorian breeder and then my two bitches Bonnie and Boo (NSW and Queensland).

Something that my dear friends and other Bullmastiff breeders kept reminding me that this is version one and as long as I aim to better the breed by following breed standards and NSW regulations I would be fine.

So, that in mind I started the breeders course. To become a qualified NSW dog breeder one must have knowledge of the following:

  • NSW Regulations Code of Ethics
  • Canine Anatomy
  • Breeding – care, mating and whelping
  • First Aid
  • Nutrition
  • Dogs and the Law
  • Soundness, balance and gait
  • Genetics
  • Hereditary Diseases
  • Canine Welfare

So after much reading, re-reading and then re-reading over the last 8 months I finally took the plunge, attended the exam with the Supervisor and passed first go…YAY!!! I was ecstatic.

The next step was to arrange an inspector to interview me and inspect my property to ensure it is to Dogs NSW standards. The Inspector came and complimented that our kennel as one of the cleanest, organised and well structured she’d ever seen. We were very humble and grateful for her generous words. We sent the forms to Dogs NSW and I’m very happy that our prefix was granted as PUREHEARTBUL.

Until next time… Karen out…