The Bonnie and Angus Journey

9th March 2023

Bonnie, after one missed natural mating, one TCI and one surgical insemination sadly didn’t fall pregnant all over a two year period.

Then as luck would have it she came into she came into season just before Christmas 2022. Armed with the knowledge that Angus truly is a stud, we let them get to it however due to the heat and inexperience poor Angus just wasn’t getting it together and he was tiring himself out. As I did not want Bonnie to miss out on becoming a mum again I intervened.

A progesterone test for Bonnie with our vet Andrea from Wagga Wagga Veterinary Hospital to establish the best days for mating. Now that this was known we booked in two natural Artifical Inseminations (AI) attempts with doctor David Riordan from Holbrook Veterinary Clinic over the Christmas break.

At four weeks we visited the vet again for a scan and quickly realised there was a lot of puppies onboard with an expected due date of 25th to 27th of February 2023. With this many pups on board an X-ray was necessary to establish numbers and eleven puppies were counted.

Whew! I knew I had my work cut out for me with many sleepless nights ahead.

In the early evening on a very hot Tuesday 21st February a very stressed Bonnie was not doing so well and a quick decision lead to an emergency cesarean section with 13 puppies born at 10:30pm that evening. The inital count was seven boys and six girls. Unfortunately one passed at delivery.

A day after they were born we lost a little boy and within two weeks lost two more boys. It’s a sad thing to lose any puppies however focus must always be on the surviving no matter how much it breaks your heart.

Until next time Karen out…

Bonnie with her eleven puppies on day one.
Bonnie with her eleven puppies on day one.