Breeding, High’s, Low’s and Challenges

Dogs on my couch
In order from left to right: Boo, Bonnie and Locki

Becoming a Bullmastiff Breeder has been the most exciting and joyous journey that I have done in my working life. For the second time in my life I have a J.O.B. that I love. It is rewarding and challenging in many and various ways and I get to work from home.

Most people, me included, thought that you could get two registered dogs and breed them. Huh! Hmmm!! Well there’s a lot more to it. One has to know, follow and be accountable to the governing state dog regulations. They must become experts in breeding high quality registered dogs and be an effective communicator to dogs and humans alike.

My first challenge came in April 2021 when we attempted to mate Locki with Bonnie and he couldn’t seem to get it sorted. After various testing we missed mating Bonnie and discovered that my boy at two years old had a urinary tract infection and is now most likely sterile. So what do I do with a dog I cannot use as a stud dog, do I keep him or do I re-home him… the emotions are sometimes overwhelming as he is my boy.

As Boo was scheduled to come into season in late June 2021, my next challenge was to find a stud dog to put over her. Knowing Bonnie is very competitive I started to also research for a stud dog for her as well. So, after finding a stud boy for Boo where I would drive to Victoria and do a live AI, COVID-19 started to rear its ugly head again.

I learnt from the first failed mating attempt that I needed a Plan B which was to purchase and arrange transportation of frozen semen to store at my local AI Veterinarian Specialists. Now armed with semen I’m ready for both my girls.

I’m so excited that Boo is now in season with expectations of doing a TCI (AI) next week with puppies in 63 days after impregnation. Bonnie may not be too far away however she in not due until November 2021.

While all this is happening I have been looking to getting a new stud dog, which after some research I have found a beautiful red boy from the same lineage as my Bella. To say I’m excited is an understatement, however COVID-19 has also impacted when he can travel from QLD to NSW. Well today I got the good news and little Angus in on his way.

In the meantime I’ve been introducing Angus to Locki, Bonnie and Boo by placing an extra bowl out at meal times, regularly using his name and letting them know, he is on the way.

More information to follow when he arrives safe and sound.