Cen Oil

My dear friend, Alice suggested an omega oil to enhance my dogs coats. She uses this oil for her horses and has seen amazing results.

She gave me a sample to try, so I did some research and this supplement product is 100% Australian owned and based on the simple principle of “Nature Knows Best”. It is the highest natural plant based Omega 3 oil on the market.

They are based in Queensland and ironically in the suburb over from where I used to live before moving to New South Wales in 2016. You can purchase the product online and they will deliver to your door.

I have been using Cen Oil for Dogs over the past two weeks and I cannot believe the results. My dogs coats are fluffier and their colouring has deepened. It is easy to manage and I administer to them with their nightly food.

As my dogs are of a larger breed, I have just ordered some Cen Active Joint and Hip Support supplement. I highly recommend the Cen Oil and will provide feedback on the Cen Active joint and hip support in the coming weeks.

Until next time… Karen

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