Introduction to Locki

Locki was born on 15th March 2019 and is kennel name is Tunzapower Porter. We contacted the breeder in Victoria looking for a dog to mate with our Bella. After a few discussions with her we where on our way to meet our boy.

Locki has grown to be a rather big boy weighing in at a hefty 62 kilos at the the tender age of 10 months. He is a gentle giant with so much personality. He loves his cuddles and playing for short bursts.

From his humble small birth size to Christmas Day 2019 Locki has definitely grown into those large paws. For all his size he takes many naps during the day and maintains a watchful eye on the magpies that frequent his backyard.

Now that he is old enough I take him for a short stroll around the suburb and surrounding bush lands to introduce him to the many sounds and things in his vicinity. He howled very loudly when I took off with his two favourite bitches Bella and Bonnie on their first outing. I could hear him barking for the whole time were were gone.

Until next time enjoy Locki’s pictures.

Karen Feldbauer

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