First Show – Wollongong

Locki and my first show was a three day event in Wollongong over the weekend 31st Jan, 1st and 2nd Feb 2020. At ten and a half months, Locki, a big shy boy with little experience with the outside world, ventured with me to the big smoke.

He travelled in air-conditioned comfort in the back seat of my Cruze, while we stayed at a friends home within an hour or so from the event. This was his first time away from his gals, Bella and Bonnie and he was quite anxious.

As a Bullmastiff we are in Group 6 “Utility” and after locating our show ring we watched until it was our turn. This weekend would give us the experience of six show events which is a big ask for beginners however would provide us with valuable experience. We were both nervous about what the following days would bring.

From the outset Locki had a glimpse at the world of weir and wonderful dogs. They say you can judge a person on how your dog reacts to them, well Locki reacted to everything including little humans and all dogs covered in fluffiness or long hair. As a true guardian he just didn’t like anyone coming within coee of Graeme and I.

We had been practicing to trot at home however I had very little experience of the show stack. So off we went on our first appearance as the only puppy in category 3 (puppy 6-12 months) and as we had trained, we did it…

The judges were amazing, welcomed us as newbies and provided some valuable advice. I was so proud of my boy who was as poked and touched in his mouth and over his body.

Our best results was on day two under the guidance of judge Mr G Vernon who awarded us with:

  1. Dog Challenge
  2. Runner up best of breed
  3. Puppy of breed.

We achieved seven points took out a few ribbons which will be the start of my collection.

So proud of my boy Locki and his first show results…

After this result my dear friend Marg took us by the hand and showed us how to stand. I cannot thank everyone enough who took the time to guide use over the weekend, friends, judges and other Bullmastiff breeders. To you all I will be forever grateful.

Learning to stand under the guidance of Margaret Munro from Chevalove Cavaliers…

We called it quits after the 4th show as my poor Locki was showing signs of heat stress, so we ventured the long haul home. Now back with his gals he is sleeping restfully.

Until our next show in Henty on 8th Feb 2020, Karen Feldbauer….

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