Second Dog Show – Henty

8th February 2020

Henty Show was a blast for Locki and I, our first dog show on our own. We arrived early to setup. Learning about the show world is both interesting and confusing at the same time. You have to put yourself out there by meeting new people, asking lots of questions and learning the process very quickly.

Your dogs need to have faith and trust in you and on this day my Locki showed both. He settled into the day a little more relaxed than our first show in Wollongong. Even though the noises of side show alley were new and close, his choice was to stay in the protection of his cage.

It’s easy to forget that Locki is only a puppy at 10 3/4 months of age due to his size. Locki met lots of people who were impressed with how big, gentle and shy he was. He has started to lose some of his shyness which makes me one happy mamma bear.

Finally at approximately 1:30 to 2:00pm it was our turn in the ring and on the walk to the ring we almost had an incident. Locki’s trust in my holding while comforting him was noted by another breeder who later commented on my ability to control Locki in that instance…. feeling blessed.

Then it was Locki’s turn and once again he strutted his stuff by my side and he looks magnificent… so I was told!!! Our stacking training over the last week had paid off when Locki was awarded with a Best of Breed certificate and Best Puppy in Group ribbon against a boxer puppy.

Locki having a big drink after winning Best Puppy in Group

A huge thanks to the judge Mr Russell Britten for his guidance and awarding Locki with 6 points…

Locki receiving Best Puppy in Group Award from Mr Russell Britten
Locki’s Certificate for Best Puppy in Group

Feeling very grateful for my amazing boy… until next show, Gundagai 15th February 2020 here we come….

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